After more than 20 years of open source development, the OpenNMS project has attracted a large community of active users. While you can count on us for high-quality support and committed response times, we also encourage you to be involved in our open source community—a rich source of information and resources on all things OpenNMS. Some of the most active contributors to the community channels are also members of our technical support team.

We have extensive official documentation available at for guidance on any specific subject within OpenNMS. We encourage and welcome your participation with documentation as well.

We have active community interactions on the following websites where we provide a lot of information about our products and also help with questions you may have:

Of course, as a customer, you don't need to rely on these communities for your critical or confidential support needs. For those needs, we strongly recommend using our support portal.

This might help some as well: Learn how to ask good questions.