In February, we released updates to all OpenNMS Meridian versions under active support, as well as Horizon 29.

Meridian Stable Updates

Meridians 2019.1.30 and 2020.1.19 contain a number of bug fixes and security updates.

On top of those changes, Meridian 2021.1.11 includes few additional bug fixes and a doc update.

For a list of changes, see the release notes:

Horizon 29.0.6

Release 29.0.6 contains all of the fixes included in the Meridian stable release, as well as a number of additional bugfixes and enhancements.

For a high-level overview of what has changed in Horizon 29, see What’s New in OpenNMS Horizon 29.

For a complete list of changes, see the changelog.

Thanks to Sahil Tikoo from Etisalat for reporting the Grafana endpoint issue.

A note about security issues: we have traditionally created CVEs in a pretty ad-hoc manner. We are in the process of formalizing how we’ll be doing so going into the future.

The codename for Horizon 29.0.6 is Dodo.