Release 2019.1.5 is the sixth release in the Meridian 2019 series.

It fixes a few more security issues, as well as a number of other bugs and a couple of enhancements. Hat tip to Johannes Moritz for the security report.

The codename for 2019.1.5 is Saturn.

  • SNMP Remove from definitions fails for definitions with profile label (Issue NMS-12413)
  • persisted defaultCalendarReport database reports are broken (Issue NMS-12438)
  • Security issue disclosures, 31 Jan 2020 (Issue NMS-12513)
  • Selecting an Icon on Topology Map breaks the map (Issue NMS-12532)
  • Description: Cannot create monitored-service with JSON via ReST (Issue NMS-12625)
  • Confd download fails silently on Docker install (Issue NMS-12642)
  • Event documentation is missing tokens (Issue NMS-12228)
  • Splitting Docker documentation in Horizon, Minion and Sentinel (Issue NMS-12529)
  • Improve OIA performance when mapping alarms (Issue NMS-12581)
  • Events not balanced across partitions when using opennms-kafka-producer (Issue NMS-12616)

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