It's time for OpenNMS On the Horizon!

In the last week we worked on flows, the time-series and graph APIs, the Karaf CLI, Helm, SNMPv3, web search, and more!

Github Project Updates

Internals, APIs, and Documentation

  • Patrick continued his work on a new time-series API.
  • Christian did more work on flow ingress/egress tagging.
  • Jesse continued working on moving all Karaf commands into an opennms prefix and cleaning up naming.
  • Markus did more work on enhancing flow rule classification configuration.
  • Markus continued his work on integrating the new graph service into OIA.
  • Ronny and I did more work on updating Helm's workflows in CircleCI.
  • Ronny updated the documentation to include the new options for downtime model handling.
  • Marcel made an enhancement to the data provided by a nodeAdded event.
  • Marcel updated the documentation to include information on the config tester.
  • Chandra worked on improving SNMPv3 support to have a persistent engine ID.

Web, ReST, and UI

  • I wrapped up some release changes for Helm.
  • Christian fixed a bug in serializing ID and IP interface in the ifservices ReST endpoint.
  • Markus did some more work on a universal search web interface.

Helm 5

Last week we released Helm 5, our custom plugin for Grafana.

Helm 5 fixes a number of issues, most notably compatibility with newer Grafana releases.
These fixes necessitated dropping compatibility with Grafana versions older than 6.3, so we have bumped the major version of Helm to 5.

Additionally, documentation has been improved and a number of behind-the-scenes changes have been made related to continuous integration and build system.

DockerHub Changes

Ronny pointed out on Discourse that as of Horizon 25, our Docker images are automatically generated from tagged releases in opennms/horizon on DockerHub. Old images that used to reside in the opennms/horizon-core-web DockerHub project have been moved into the new location.

If you have old docker-compose.yml files or K8s deployments that use the old URLs, please migrate them.

Wiki Migration

Marcel has started a project to migrate (and update!) old and outdated wiki pages to Discourse.

If you'd like to help, please check out the discussion and join in the "fun".

Calendar of Events

March Releases - March 3rd, 2020

The next OpenNMS release day is March 3rd, 2020.

There will be more details as we continue to work on issues, but currently it is expected we'll put out releases on all supported:

  • Horizon 25.2.1
  • Meridian 2016.1.24
  • Meridian 2017.1.21
  • Meridian 2018.1.16
  • Meridian 2019.1.4

SCaLE 18x - Pasadena, California - March 5th through 8th, 2020

Tarus Balog will be speaking at SCaLE 18x on alarm correlation (ALEC) and other technologies for large-scale monitoring with OpenNMS.

His presentation is on Saturday the 7th at 4:30pm.

Until Next Week…

If there’s anything you’d like me to talk about in a future OOH, or you just have a comment or criticism you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to say hi.

- Ben

Resolved Issues Since Last OOH

  • NMS-9495: Use the AsciiBinder framework to content management and publishing
  • NMS-10183: Evaluating Documentation Framework
  • NMS-12279: Cleanup Interfaces Tagged for Flows
  • NMS-12292: Add a "Delete" button on the Node page of the Requisition UI
  • NMS-12422: Allow multiple IP rules for discontinuous IP ranges for flow classification
  • NMS-12447: Remove getVertexType() on GraphInfo
  • NMS-12502: Filter related errors in karaf.log when using new search
  • NMS-12514: Backport date/time format fixes to Meridian 2018
  • NMS-12520: Downtime model change was not updated in the docs