Release 25.1.0 is the second release in the Horizon 25 series.

It contains a bunch of bug fixes and enhancements, including packaging fixes, BSM updates, alarmd improvements, and much more.

The codename for 25.1.0 is Momo.

  Note: This release contains a couple of breaking changes:

  1. Dates in event XML (in the ReST API and published to the event port) now must be formatted in standard ISO-8601 format (eg, 2019-11-05T14:36:00-04:00).
  2. Scriptd has been changed to execute scripts in a single read-only transaction by default. If you need the ability to write changes to the database or need to do your own transaction management for any other reason, you will need to add transactional="false" to the <scriptd-configuration …​> tag in the scriptd-configuration.xml file.
  • removed service will break BSM web ui (Issue NMS-9322)
  • Event parameters no longer preserve ordering (Issue NMS-9827)
  • The JMX-Cassandra service goes down for all the cluster when a single instance is down. (Issue NMS-10027)
  • deleting a BSM monitor while an alarm is active doesn’t clear the alarm (Issue NMS-10184)
  • default event description is incorrect (Issue NMS-10346)
  • Config tester doesn’t detect missing xml datacollection file (Issue NMS-10396)
  • Minion fails to start on Raspberry Pi (Issue NMS-10447)
  • BSM alarm severity is not being updated (Issue NMS-10578)
  • snmp authentication error traps with Enhanced Linkd / bridge discovery (Issue NMS-10582)
  • Elasticsearch forwarding fails to recover after outage (Issue NMS-10697)
  • Flow rest results for top N queries are not returned in the correct order (Issue NMS-12104)
  • Flow Classification not functioning as expected (Issue NMS-12259)
  • ReST API for meta-data doesn’t support JSON (Issue NMS-12272)
  • UI for meta-data is only present when using the horizontal layout (Issue NMS-12273)
  • Groups disappear in classification UI (Issue NMS-12291)
  • BSM simulation mode does not reset the last state (Issue NMS-12302)
  • Docker image for sentinel runs the process as root (Issue NMS-12311)
  • Docker image for Minion runs with UID 1001 but the minion user has UID 997 (Issue NMS-12312)
  • Web Assets Dependency Rollup 2019-09-24 (Issue NMS-12320)
  • Memory leak in Drools engine for alarmd (Issue NMS-12322)
  • Minion RPM upgrade deletes /opt/minion (Issue NMS-12324)
  • Threshold state keys do not incorporate the collected resource’s instance label (Issue NMS-12329)
  • Reportd generated reports cause: "No bean named '' is defined" in Persisted Reports (Issue NMS-12337)
  • InterfaceNodeCache doesn’t remove deleted nodes immediately (Issue NMS-12338)
  • Delivering a report with "-" in local part of email address is not working (Issue NMS-12342)
  • XMLMarshalException in ipc.log: Unexpected close tag </inst>; expected </instance> (Issue NMS-12343)
  • Update installation guide to CentOS 8 (Issue NMS-12348)
  • Install guide for R-core is broken for CentOS 8 (Issue NMS-12352)
  • Karaf feature install issue with opennms-core-tracing-jaeger (Issue NMS-12359)
  • Fix requisition cache when accessing the Requisitions UI via "Edit in Requisition" (Issue NMS-12360)
  • Listing monitoring locations from the administrative WebUI is not working (Issue NMS-12377)
  • Add more information into BSM alarms (Issue NMS-9352)
  • Refactor the compatibility matrix in the documentation (Issue NMS-9684)
  • Be able to change the number of rows for the pagination control on the Requisitions UI (Issue NMS-9793)
  • Documentation typo for /rest/ifservices on the developers guide (Issue NMS-9842)
  • Add Web-Hook as delivery option (Issue NMS-12153)
  • Refactor Event Timestamps to ISO-8601 Format (Breaking Change) (Issue NMS-12263)
  • Improve robustness of CassandraBlobStore for async operations (Issue NMS-12274)
  • Clearing threshold states via shell should take effect immediately and not require restart (Issue NMS-12277)
  • List Kafka RPC/Sink topics, Expose Metrics on Karaf shell (Issue NMS-12294)
  • Create proper systemd files for OpenNMS, Minion and Sentinel (Issue NMS-12299)
  • Add ability to update definitions when SNMP profile changes (Issue NMS-12307)
  • Fix security vulnerability with jackson-databind (Issue NMS-12308)
  • Availability boxes on node pages including sub pages differ (Issue NMS-12321)
  • OpenNMS 25 Dependency Still Allows Old PostgreSQL Versions (Issue NMS-12341)
  • Update base container image to use CentOS 8 (Issue NMS-12353)
  • Remove floating OpenJDK dependencies in OCI build (Issue NMS-12354)
  • Detect and help resolve Karaf bootstrap issues (Issue NMS-12356)
  • Update CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB threshold trap events to include alarm-data (Issue NMS-12362)
  • switch core/web-assets from yarn to npm (Issue NMS-12363)
  • Collect and display file descriptor statistics via JMX for OpenNMS and Minion (Issue NMS-12364)

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