Release 24.1.1 is the latest stable release of OpenNMS. It contains bug fixes to WS-Man, the web UI, flows, and more as well as a few small enhancements.

For a high-level overview of what’s changed in OpenNMS 24, see What’s New in OpenNMS 24.

The codename for 24.1.1 is GLaDOS.

  • WsMan Asset Adapter config contains an invalid resourceUri (Issue NMS-10682)
  • WsMan Asset Adapter should handle WQL filters returning more than one result (Issue NMS-10683)
  • WS-Man datacollection fail with OpenJDK11 (Issue NMS-10713)
  • Angular requests do not handle 401 responses from the OpenNMS backend (Issue NMS-10719)
  • sFlow: Type mismatch of VLAN value (Issue NMS-10775)
  • Timeline missing for service names including slashes (Issue NMS-12097)
  • CME in ProxyFilter (Karaf Web Bridge) (Issue NMS-12116)
  • Remove hack from opennms-spring-extender to expose ServiceRegistry (Issue NMS-12122)
  • Installing Minion on Debian with OpenJDK 11 installed tries to install Oracle JDK 8 (Issue NMS-12119)
  • Opennms 24.1.0 on Ubuntu 19.04 won’t install because of PostgresSQL 11 (Issue NMS-12121)
  • Increase logging clarity for flow processing (Issue NMS-10723)
  • Remove circleci build number as tags from container images (Issue NMS-12098)
  • Provide a mechanism to collect the count of objects collected by a wsman enumeration (Issue NMS-12115)

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