Release 2018.1.7 is an update to Meridian 2018.1.6. It contains a few changes including UI updates and an SNMP loop bug that could cause out-of-memory crashes.

The codename for 2018.1.7 is High wind.

  • Cannot run Minion as non-root (Issue LTS-231)
  • ROLE_PROVISION doesn’t work on the UI when the ACL feature is enabled. (Issue NMS-9786)
  • Search on KSC Reports page in WebUI does not work (Issue NMS-10416)
  • Incorrect date formatting in (Issue NMS-10602)
  • The MIB Compiler is unable to parse certain MIBs (Issue NMS-10609)
  • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException during error handling in SNMP MIB Compiler (Issue NMS-10647)
  • When editing a surveillance category from Admin flow, lists of nodes are not sorted by node label (Issue NMS-10654)
  • Karaf shell history thrown out with bathwater on upgrade (Issue NMS-10664)
  • Improve test coverage of SNMPv3 traps and informs (Issue NMS-10630)
  • Allow the "step" (or interval) to be referenced from a Measurement API expression (Issue NMS-10633)
  • "Event text contains" should search beyond eventlogmsg (Issue NMS-8444)

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