Release 2018.1.4 is an update to Meridian 2018.1.3.
It contains a number of bug fixes and a few enhancements, including a bunch of performance fixes to topology maps and a number of other smaller changes.

The codename for 2018.1.4 is Moderate breeze.

  • BestMatchPingerFactory returns NullPinger when better options are available (Issue NMS-9659)
  • When selecting a vertex which is neither visible nor in focus the ui state is stuck (Issue NMS-10451)
  • Building the menu takes forever if a visible node has an invalid ip address set (Issue NMS-10452)
  • "Use Default Focus" may not show the "add nodes manual" indicator if "getDefaults().getCriteria()" returns empty list rather than null (Issue NMS-10453)
  • Kafka Producer: Sync timing issues cause erroneous deletes (Issue NMS-10474)
  • When using the events:stress command, the node-id or interface passed as parameters are ignored when using jexl (Issue NMS-10475)
  • Alarm Dashlet CriteriaBuilder In-Restriction not working (Issue NMS-10479)
  • Performance problems with the Topology Map on large networks (Issue NMS-10369)
  • Find out why intial loading of the topology map takes so long, fix for CDP (Issue NMS-10398)
  • Apply initial loading improvements to IsIs, lldp, ospf protocols (Issue NMS-10439)
  • Allow PostgreSQL 11.x (Issue NMS-10450)
  • Support Additional EIF Protocol Version (Issue NMS-10454)
  • Meassure and improve performance of Interface loading and mapping (Issue NMS-10459)
  • Meassure and improve performance of Cdp/Lldp/IsIsElement loading (Issue NMS-10487)

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