Release 2018.1.0 is the first release in the Meridian 2018 series.

The codename for 2018.1.0 is Calm.

What's New in OpenNMS Meridian 2018?

The biggest addition in Meridian 2018 is official support for the Minion. Minion is an agent-like tool for remote monitoring isolated networks as if OpenNMS could reach them locally.

Meridian 2018 roughly matches the feature set available in Horizon 21 and parts of Horizon 22.

Other new features include:

  • IBM Tivoli Event Integration Facility: Support has been added to bridge EIF events into OpenNMS Horizon.
    (more details)
  • Asset Topology Provider: The Asset Topology Provider generates a GraphML topology based on node metadata including asset fields.
    (more details)
  • Alarm Sounds: The web UI can now optionally flash and play an alert sound when alarms are created and optionally updated.
    (more details)
  • ReST Updates: A new experimental ReST API (/opennms/api/v2) has been enabled which supports JEXL 2.x.
  • The topology UI now supports scriptable vertex status.
  • Alarm Northbounders: There are new alarm northbounders for running arbitrary BSF scripts or forwarding to Drools.
  • Web UI: It is now possible to customize the date format used in the UI.
    You can configure it by overriding the org.opennms.ui.datettimeformat property in
  • Hawtio: Hawtio is now included as an optional webapp package (opennms-webapp-hawtio) for convenience.
  • IFTTT: Support has been added for triggering IFTTT events based on alarms.

On top of that, there have been many smaller improvements and enhancements since Meridian 2017.

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