Release Meridian-2017.1.8

Release 2017.1.8 is a small update to OpenNMS Meridian 2017.1.7.
It contains a few bug fixes and an update to support Newts cache priming.

The codename for 2017.1.8 is IERS Reference Meridian.

  • ONMS starts with broken threshold configuration file (Issue NMS-9064)

  • Interface delete from a node does not work (Issue NMS-9506)

  • Topology map node icons vanish (IE10, IE11 only) when alarm status unchecked (Issue NMS-9614)

  • Access Denied With Surveillance View In Ops Board (Issue NMS-9678)

  • Enlinkd startup fails due to NPE in BroadcastDomain class (Issue NMS-9852)

  • Value of ${nodeLabel} for PSM services apparently not eagerly updated (Issue NMS-9900)

  • Wrong initial message displayed on AngularJS based tables. (Issue NMS-9932)

  • Alarm favorite link URL does not have AddRefreshHeader-30 applied (Issue NMS-9938)

  • Cannot see StrafePing graphs when using Backshift. (Issue NMS-9946)

  • foreign-id with space (%20) at end causes issues with Newts (Issue NMS-9961)

  • perfdata-receiver doesn’t compile (Issue NMS-9967)

  • Home Page Map does not display node details (Issue NMS-10008)

  • Backport intermittent SNMPv3 failures to foundation-2016 (Issue NMS-10153)

  • Improve performance of newts.indexing to avoid overwhelm Cassandra cluster (Issue NMS-9959)

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