Release 2017.1.7 is a small update to OpenNMS Meridian 2017.1.6.
It contains a few bug fixes and minor enhancements.

The codename for 2017.1.7 is United Kingdom Ordnance Survey Zero Meridian.

Note: Configuration Update

Some updates to Cisco data collection and graph configuration have been made since 2017.1.6.

They add collection from CISCO-REMOTE-ACCESS-MONITOR-MIB on a number of ASAxxxx devices, as well as alarm reduction keys for FRU insertion and removal.
Additionally, graphs for tunnel sessions have been added.

To avoid configuration conflicts, however, the updated files have been written with the extension .xml-2017.1.7.

If you wish to use these new configurations, rename the .xml-2017.1.7 files to .xml, overwriting the existing files.


  • Node ReST service not handling assets and deleting properly (Issue NMS-9855)
  • JasperStudio extension dependency error (Issue NMS-9915)
  • EventUtils.eventsMatch() fails if nodeId is greater than 127 (Issue NMS-9941)
  • compilation fails on windows due to checkstyle exceptions (Issue NMS-9943)
  • Java not found properly when building from Windows CMD proc (Issue NMS-9947)
  • Subsume "Event Configuration How-To" from wiki into admin guide (Issue NMS-9926)
  • Update docs section of devel guide with section on migrating info from wiki (Issue NMS-9934)
  • Refactor UserGroupLdapAuthoritiesPopulator to provide a default role. (Issue NMS-9937)

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