Release 2016.1.7 is an update to 2016.1.6 that provides a number of small bug fixes.

The codename for 2016.1.7 is Tobler hyperelliptical.

Bugs Fixed:

  • INFO-severity syslog-derived events end up unmatched (Issue NMS-8106)
  • Resource graph forecast page lacks header (Issue NMS-8856)
  • Allow provisiond to perform reverse lookups without requiring an A record (foundation-2016) (Issue NMS-9406)
  • No bounds-checking in processing of DHCP Options (Issue NMS-9420)
  • The reason parameter for a nodeLostService event is limited to 255 characters (Issue NMS-9550)
  • The script looks for the remote-poller.jar file in the wrong location (Issue NMS-9606)
  • vmware importer fails with NPE (Issue NMS-9611)
  • Basic syslog messages with Informational severity turn into unknown events (Issue NMS-9615)
  • quick add node is broken (Issue NMS-9618)
  • Remote poller logs have place holders for their names (Issue NMS-9621)
  • Remote Poller log path incorrect when using the NSIS installer (Issue NMS-9631)

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