Release 2015.1.5 is the sixth release of OpenNMS Meridian 2015. It contains a few bug fixes and minor enhancements.

The codename for 2015.1.3 is NT.


  • OpenNMS doesn’t correctly support IPv6 addresses for (jasper) reporting (Issue NMS-5450)
  • Restarting OMNS results in numerous SNMP outage alarms and notifications (Issue NMS-8620)
  • Poller Node Down without outages (Issue NMS-8751)
  • Threshold editor help text unclear about comparison operators (Issue NMS-8826)
  • Invalid graph templates (Issue NMS-8907)
  • Near Real-Time Graphing unable to graph Cisco BDI interfaces (Issue NMS-8908)
  • Copyright bump 2017 (Issue NMS-9060)
  • opennms.conf can break the snmp-request command (Issue NMS-9068)
  • Jsr160ConnectionFactory doesn’t work with IPv6 address (Issue NMS-9071)
  • Migrate RTC related objects to JAXB instead of Castor (Issue NMS-9100)
  • Pollerd continues to monitor deleted nodes (Issue NMS-9112)
  • SNMP client code can get stuck in infinite retry loops (Issue NMS-9164)
  • SyslogParser should not assume UTC timestamps (Issue NMS-9201)


  • SNMP data collection definitions for Cisco ASA5585-SSP-60 devices (Issue NMS-9094)
  • Enhance to MockSnmpAgent to support returning arbitrary SNMP error codes (Issue NMS-9163)

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