Release 2016.1.9 is an update to 2016.1.8 that provides a few bug fixes.

The codename for 2016.1.9 is Winkel tripel.

  • Tweak Mattermost notification docs not to specify a channel (Issue NMS-9362)
  • INFO-level "unable to locate resource" log messages for interfaces not persisted by policy (Issue NMS-9388)
  • Northbounders implementation are not sending feedback events for reloadDaemonConfig (Issue NMS-9524)
  • XSS: HTML attribute values with quotes not escaped properly (Issue NMS-9645)
  • Incorrect logging of exceptions in Slack and Mattermost notifications (Issue NMS-9656)
  • IOActive: Reflected Cross-site Scripting in instrumentationLogReader.jsp searchString Parameter (Issue NMS-9672)
  • Typo prevents FIQL query values from being URI-encoded (Issue NMS-9694)
  • Typo: "not elegible" for SNMP primary N enumeration (Issue NMS-9701)
  • ReST v1 does not return errors for unparseable events (Issue NMS-9724)
  • Sending bad XML to the Requisitions ReST end point makes the API unusable (Issue NMS-9725)

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