OpenNMS Meridian

The open standard for network monitoring and observability

  • Reliable network monitoring insights

  • Highly configurable

  • Unlimited network device monitoring

  • Transparent pricing

"We rely on OpenNMS, a first of its kind open-source enterprise grade network management application. It helps us to keep a close watch on [an] unlimited number of devices in Walmart['s] network."

Arkadip Basu, Senior Software Engineer
Walmart Global Tech India
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Get more from your network monitoring solution

Powerful Network Monitoring

OpenNMS Meridian provides comprehensive monitoring capabilities, giving you real-time insights into the health and performance of your network infrastructure.

Digital Experience Monitoring

Monitor latency and availability from different perspectives and locations. Understand and improve how your customers interact with your business.

Performance Optimization

Optimize your network infrastructure performance—identify bottlenecks, analyze trends, and make data-driven decisions. Maximize the efficiency and responsiveness of your network with our powerful performance management features.

Enterprise Reporting & Visualization

Customize your dashboards to track what’s important to you—resource graphs, database reports, charts. Define and customize complex, layered topologies to integrate topology maps into your service problem management workflow.

Robust Traffic Management

Support for flow protocols (NetFlow v.5/9, IPFIX, sFlow) at 300,000+ flows/second—connect to and monitor everything in your network.

Scalable and Flexible

Scale effortlessly, whether you have a small network or globally distributed infrastructure. OpenNMS Meridian adapts to your evolving needs, ensuring that you can monitor and manage networks of any size and complexity.

Customizable & Extensible

Every organization has unique requirements. OpenNMS Meridian offers extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor the system to match your specific needs. Additionally, open architecture and flexible APIs enable seamless integration with other tools and systems.

Proactive Fault Management

OpenNMS Meridian goes beyond traditional monitoring. It employs intelligent event processing and correlation techniques to detect and alert you about potential issues before they impact your network. Stay one step ahead with proactive fault management capabilities.

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