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The 6 Principles of Successful Network Segmentation Strategies

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Networking environments are getting increasingly complex with more devices, apps, and services being connected across various cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. The task of mitigating security risk is harder than ever.

Network segmentation practices must advance to keep up with these constantly changing environments.

Figure 1, Six Key Principals of Successful Network Segmentation Projects, from Gartner "The 6 Principles of Successful Network Segmentation Strategies"

Did you know?

  • "The failure rate for network segmentation projects is high, and most projects last longer than the average tenure of a CISO.
  • “Broad scope” and “segment everything” mindsets will inevitably lead to a network segmentation project failure.
  • Implementation constraints and “shiny new technology” driving the network segmentation strategy inevitably lead to suboptimal and inefficient architectures."

Complete your network segmentation strategy

Your duty doesn't end at the segment border, so your network monitoring can't.

Implement network monitoring quickly and easily with OpenNMS Appliance, building each segment according to its own timeline—which is often influenced by industry-specific regulations.

OpenNMS Appliance simplifies networking communication policies for with the central NMS, can be used in specific zones based on physical location, and is built with a zero-trust security architecture.

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Gartner, The 6 Principles of Successful Network Segmentation Strategies, Jeremy D'Hoinne, Andrew Lerner, Refreshed 19 November 2022, Published 7 June 2021.
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