CVE-2021-3396: Full Security Disclosure

OpenNMS Security Issue Requires Immediate Upgrade The OpenNMS Group recently learned about and fixed a security vulnerability that allowed local and remote code execution as an authenticated user via a custom, targeted JEXL expression. Thank you to Artem Smotrakov for notifying us of this issue. CVE-2021-3396 applies to the following: Meridian-2016.1.0 - Meridian-2016.1.24 Meridian-2017.1.0 - Meridian-2017.1.26 [...]

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CVE-2021-3396: OpenNMS Security Vulnerability (Please Update)

We recently learned about a security issue with OpenNMS. Please refer to CVE-2021-3396 for more information. To protect everyone using OpenNMS from an exploitation of this vulnerability, the CVE will not provide full details of the vulnerability until Tuesday, February 16, 2021. This should provide time to upgrade your system before full public disclosure. This issue [...]

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Happy 20th Birthday, OpenNMS!

From fringe to mainstream, and other thoughts on 20 years of OpenNMS, with Tarus Balog (COO) and David Hustace (CEO) of The OpenNMS Group.

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