OpenNMS Meridian 2016.1.5 Released

Release 2016.1.5 is an update to 2016.1.4 that provides quite a few bug fixes and a few enhancements.

The codename for 2016.1.4 is Peirce Quincuncial.


  • OpenNMS doesn’t correctly support IPv6 addresses for (jasper) reporting (Issue NMS-5450
  • vmware urls do not support username/passwords that require URL encoding (Issue )(NMS-7106)
  • If a target node is rebooted the RRD/JRB files contains spikes because the sysUpTime check is not working (Issue )(NMS-7148)
  • Geo-Maps running on a server without internet connection breaks the UI for valid nodes. (Issue
  • scrollbars displayed for RrdDashlet title box (Issue NMS-7562)
  • RWS client always uses plain HTTP, even if rws-config.html has HTTPS URL (Issue NMS-8441)
  • Multiple smoke tests flapping inside docker (Issue NMS-8544)
  • Restarting OMNS results in numerous SNMP outage alarms and notifications (Issue NMS-8620)
  • Null ospfrouterid in NodeDiscoveryOspf (Issue NMS-8667)
  • Exception in LatencyStoringServiceMonitorAdaptor: IncorrectResultSizeDataAccessException (Issue NMS-8756)
  • Threshold editor help text unclear about comparison operators (Issue NMS-8826)
  • NPE in CdpLink.toString() (Issue NMS-8897)
  • auto-acknoledge random fails (Issue NMS-8901)
  • Near Real-Time Graphing unable to graph Cisco BDI interfaces (Issue NMS-8908)
  • WS-Man throws event 4776 and 4625 with domain user on windows side (Issue NMS-8925)
  • NPE in IpInterfaceScan when processing IPLike rule with IPv6 address (Issue NMS-8934)
  • Statsd: erroneous reporting; aggregators not reset between worker’s runs (Issue NMS-8944)
  • WS_Man datacollection using WQL fails with ‘unsupported element’ (Issue NMS-8955)
  • Enlinkd fails to discovery Bridge Topology (Issue NMS-8973)
  • Typo in linkednode.jsp in panel title (Issue NMS-8981)
  • NRT Graphing does not show SNMP counter values correctly (Issue NMS-9005)
  • Copyright bump 2017 (Issue NMS-9060)
  • opennms.conf can break the snmp-request command (Issue NMS-9068)
  • Jsr160ConnectionFactory doesn’t work with IPv6 address (Issue NMS-9071)
  • WS-Man thresholding reports: No thresholds configured for resource type ‘*’ (Issue NMS-9077)
  • Standalone HTTPS with Jetty doesn’t work with certificate alias (Issue NMS-9084)
  • Correlation engine’s cancelTimer method should be public (Issue NMS-9087)
  • Collection timing enhancements (Issue NMS-9090)
  • Migrate RTC related objects to JAXB instead of Castor (Issue NMS-9100)
  • Pollerd continues to monitor deleted nodes (Issue NMS-9112)
  • Selection of non-disk RRD strategies (Issue NMS-9120)
  • It is possible to perform alarms/notifications actions through the Acks ReST end point without permissions (Issue NMS-9140)
  • SNMP client code can get stuck in infinite retry loops (Issue NMS-9164)
  • incorrect permissions on opennms.service (Issue NMS-9166)
  • Fix the execution of Drools rules when using streaming (CEP, Temporal Reasoning) (Issue NMS-9172)
  • Drools examples fails to load with exception (Issue NMS-9186)
  • SyslogParser should not assume UTC timestamps (Issue NMS-9201)
  • New resource types are not available in the Web UI until it is restarted (Issue NMS-9205)
  • OSPF Router Id not properly updated (Issue NMS-9218)
  • DNS Adapter on Delete Node does not delete DNS record (Issue NMS-9219)
  • Problems associated with SNMP4J affects OpenNMS performance (contention issues) (Issue NMS-9223)
  • Pollerd takes too much time scheduling polling when OpenNMS starts (Issue NMS-9247)
  • Requisition UI breaks when percentage sign is used inside Foreign ID input field (Issue NMS-9269)
  • Make TCP output queue parameters configurable (Issue NMS-9282)
  • Calculation of KSC reports timespans “Last Week” and “This Week” broken (Issue NMS-9325)


  • Upgrade Drools to 6.4.0.Final (from 6.0.1.Final) (Issue NMS-8676)
  • Node detail page is hard to use with a lot of surveillance categories (Issue NMS-8989)
  • SNMP data collection definitions for Cisco ASA5585-SSP-60 devices (Issue NMS-9094)
  • Persist string attributes over the TCP stream (Issue NMS-9126)
  • Add JMX instrumentation for the Drools Correlator to understand the the working memory of each rule-set (a.k.a. engine) (Issue NMS-9145)
  • Upgrade snmp4j to 2.5.5 (Issue NMS-9162)
  • Enhance to MockSnmpAgent to support returning arbitrary SNMP error codes (Issue NMS-9163)
  • Set domain level for DNS adapter (Issue NMS-9222)
  • Allow for choosing ifDescr over ifName for interface directory name (Issue NMS-9240)
  • Improve handling of counter wraps/reset when using Newts (Issue NMS-9252)
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