This Week in OpenNMS: Gotta Have Priorities

by Benjamin Reed: April 13, 2010

It’s time for This Week in OpenNMS. This week we almost wrapped up the SMS work, and did a little bit of cleanup on other projects. Also, I was able to check out the Carolina Hurricanes training camp yesterday, so it’s time again to decide which is more important: hockey, or work. (Hint: it starts with “h.”)

Project Updates

  • Stable: Current Release is 1.6.5
    1.6.5 is the current stable release, tagged May 16th. It fixes a number of bugs, and adds a few features. For a full list, see the bugzilla 1.6.5 milestone. This is a non-critical but recommended upgrade for anyone on OpenNMS versions older than 1.6.5.
  • Unstable: Current Release is 1.7.6
    1.7.6 is the current unstable release, tagged August 3rd. Since 1.7.5, there have been a ton of bugfixes, as well as updates to the RESTful interfaces, inventory report updates, syslogd updates, collection updates, new OpenManage and Cisco IP-SLA monitors, thresholding updates, provisiond updates, map updates, and probably more stuff I’m missing. A 1.7.x overview is available in the release notes on the site.
  • Unstable: DNS Import Handler
    Dave did a bit more work and cleanup on the DNS import handler this week. Sometime soon I hope to have the time to do a more detailed writeup on it.
  • Unstable: SMS Pinger/Request-Response API
    Matt, Donald, Jeff, and I have been working on wrapping up the SMS monitors. We’ve successfully pinged back and forth between 2 cell phones, and are finishing up support for more complex sequences ala PageSequenceMonitor in the next day or two.

Upcoming Events

If you have anything to add to the events list, please let me know.

Until Next Week…

As always, if there’s anything you’d like me to talk about in a future TWiO, or you just have a comment, criticism, or center-ice front row hockey tickets you’d like to share, don’t hesitiate to e-mail me personally. I swear I’ll share them with the others! <wink>

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