This Week in OpenNMS: Dear Future Readers…

by Benjamin Reed: April 13, 2010

I’ve traveled from the year 1976 to say this: it’s time for This Week in OpenNMS. This week we worked on the SMS bits more, cleaned up Statsd configuration reloading, and did more bugfixes.

Project Updates

  • Stable: Current Release is 1.6.5
    1.6.5 is the current stable release, tagged May 16th. It fixes a number of bugs, and adds a few features. For a full list, see the bugzilla 1.6.5 milestone. This is a non-critical but recommended upgrade for anyone on OpenNMS versions older than 1.6.5.
  • Unstable: Current Release is 1.7.6
    1.7.6 is the current unstable release, tagged August 3rd. Since 1.7.5, there have been a ton of bugfixes, as well as updates to the RESTful interfaces, inventory report updates, syslogd updates, collection updates, new OpenManage and Cisco IP-SLA monitors, thresholding updates, provisiond updates, map updates, and probably more stuff I’m missing. A 1.7.x overview is available in the release notes on the site.
  • Unstable: SMS Pinger/Request-Response API
    Matt, Donald, Jeff, and I worked more on the SMS pinger APIs. The configuration for SMS sequences is finished, and work has begun on scheduling query/responses, as well as looking into packaging/build issues for final inclusion into a release. The goal is to have a working demo of sequences this week.
  • Unstable: Service Registry
    Matt worked on creating an API for a “service registry” — this is an under-the-covers, architectural API that makes it easier to track plugins of various type, register them with OpenNMS, and share and sync them between the OpenNMS, Spring, and OSGi sides.
  • Unstable: Miscellaneous Updates
    A few other interesting updates have happened in trunk, including fixes for TL1, the XMP collector, notifications, and error messages in the web UI.
  • Unstable: Statsd Updates
    Dave did some work on the statsd codebase, fixing it up so that it starts up and shuts down cleanly, and can reload configuration without a restart.

Upcoming Events

If you have anything to add to the events list, please let me know.

Until Next Week…

As always, if there’s anything you’d like me to talk about in a future TWiO, or you just have a comment, criticism, or XKCD fanfic you’d like to share, don’t hesitiate to say hi.

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