This Week in OpenNMS: Databases, iPhones, and Releases, Oh My!

by Benjamin Reed: April 13, 2010

It’s time for This Week in OpenNMS. This week we worked on the iPhone app some more, went to OSCON, and prepped for new releases.

Project Updates

  • Stable: Current Release is 1.6.5
    1.6.5 is the current stable release, tagged May 16th. It fixes a number of bugs, and adds a few features. For a full list, see the bugzilla 1.6.5 milestone. This is a non-critical but recommended upgrade for anyone on OpenNMS versions older than 1.6.5.
  • Unstable: Current Release is 1.7.5
    1.7.5 is the current unstable release, tagged July 13th. Since 1.7.4, there have been a ton of bugfixes, as well as updates to thresholding, RANCID, upgrades, maps, provisiond, and other juicy stuff. A 1.7.x overview is available in the release notes on the site.
  • Stable: Database Connection Cleanups
    Although we’re trying to transition to Hibernate, we have plenty of JDBC code left. A customer ran into an issue that appeared to be related to database connections not being cleaned up properly. I created a utility that can track the various connections, and cleaned up a bunch of our JDBC-based code to use it.
  • Stable: PostgreSQL Dependency Updates
    For a while now, we’ve been careful to keep OpenNMS from interacting with PostgreSQL versions that we aren’t sure work, since some of our JDBC calls can be pretty complex. This week I spent some time evaluating PostgreSQL 8.4. The good news is, I’ve bumped the allowed PostgreSQL versions up to 8.4. The bad news is, 8.4.0 has a bug in the new subselect optimizer that causes a number of queries including our category filtering to fail, so you won’t be able to take advantage of the higher version limit until 8.4.1 is out.
    I reported the bug upstream, and it should be fixed in PostgreSQL 8.4.1 when it is released.
  • Stable: 1.6.6 Preparation
    I started doing some prep work for a 1.6.6 release (validating bugs, merging them to the release branch, etc.) The goal was to release 1.6.6 and 1.7.6 this week, but I think I’m going to have to push 1.6.6 to next week instead of trying to release them simultaneously. We have a much more rigorous process for what gets into the 1.6 release branch than into unstable releases, and they need more scrutiny.
  • Unstable: iPhone App Development
    I’ve been working more on the iPhone app. There are really only 2 things left to do: add the alarm detail page (which will hopefully include acknowledging/escalating alarms), and finish wiring up the node search to the node detail page.
    Again, if there are any features you’d look for in the iPhone client, please let me know. Obvious one is accessing graphs, but I haven’t figured out how much work that will be yet. ;)
  • Unstable: Laszlo UI
    Matt Raykowski spent a little time updating the Laszlo branch to current trunk.
  • Unstable: Inventory Updates
    Antonio has been doing some bugfixes and work cleaning up some of the inventory reports.
  • Unstable: Thresholding Fixes
    Alejandro fixed a number of thresholding issues including handling rates properly.
  • Unstable: SMS Pinger/Request-Response API
    In the process of working on the SMS ping feature, Matt did some refactoring to create a nice generic API for implementing code that needs to track round-trips that can be used for a lot of applications (ping, mail transport monitor, etc.)
  • Unstable: RANCID Updates
    Rocco put out a new version of the RANCID APIs.
  • Unstable: REST APIs
    I did some updates to the REST APIs to clean up generated XML, and also to allow choosing whether to match “any” or “all” criteria passed on the URL.
  • Unstable: Bufixes
    We’ve been doing plenty of other bugfixing in preparation for the new release(s). Donald fixed a high-profile one that’s been bugging people who use inferior browsers for a while (grin): bug #3233: Resource Graphs don’t work in IE.


Thanks again to everyone who voted for us in the SourceForge Community Choice Awards. Congratulations to Firebird. They won with 18% of the votes, so it looks like it was a close battle. The incredible support from our community is what makes OpenNMS great, you rock!

Upcoming Events

If you have anything to add to the events list, please let me know.

Until Next Week…

As always, if there’s anything you’d like me to talk about in a future TWiO, or you just have a comment, criticism, or spare 40-hour work week you’d like to share, don’t hesitiate to say hi.

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